Grade: Middle
Subject: Computer

#1004. Running a Business

Computer, level: Middle
Posted Mon Apr 19 17:25:57 PDT 1999 by Gabrielle Cronin (
Altoona Central Catholic School, Altoona, Pa USA
Materials Required: Computers with a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Works or ClarisWorks
Activity Time: Three 45 minute lessons
Concepts Taught: Spreadsheet

Begin the first lesson by explaining Spreadsheets to the students. Explain how spreadsheets
work and how to create a spreasheet. Explain how to write formulas and how to enter the information
on the spreadsheet.

The students are then assigned to imagine that they are the owner of a store. They need to determine
twenty items that they would sell. The students need to record the amount of each item they sold for
a two week period. The students then create a spreadsheet with the information.

Once the information is entered. Explain how stores price their items. The students then need to
add their prices and profit on the the spreadsheet.