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#1014. "Z" Letter Ideas

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Tue Apr 20 13:34:44 PDT 1999 by Early Childhood Mailring ().
Concepts Taught: "Z" letter activities

Z letter ideas

The Zoo
This is the way the elephant goes (clasp hands and move arms back
and forth dangling)
With curly trunk instead of nose
The buffalo all shaggy and fat
has two sharp horns in place of hat(pint fingers out from forehead)
the hippo with his mouth so wide
lets you see what is inside
(open and close hands to make mouth movements)
the wiggly snake upon the ground
crawls along with out a sound(weave hands back and forth)
but the mopnkey see and monkey do
is the funniest animal in the zoo
(put thumbs in ears and wiggle hands)
After singing the song The Farmer in the Dell, we changed the verses into The
Zookeeper at the Zoo (charted it as a class, then assigned pages).
From: mdickins@cloudnet.com
Zip a zipper. Why does the zipper stay together when it is closed?
When the zipper is closed, it is held together by little interlocking hooks
each side of the zipper. (Show fingers interlocking also.) These hooks are
pried apart by the slide when the zipper is opened.

Z activities
Zinnia Seeds - Let the children plant zinnia seeds in little cups that the
children decorate with Zs. Have them keep the seeds in the sun and water
them often to help them grow. Let them keep a chart of drawings indicating
the zinnia's growth.

Z Movements - Have the children spread out on the play area so they can move
without touching anyone else. Ask the children to experiment with these
movements as you call them out: zooming, zigzagging, being zebras on all
fours, being galloping zebras, and zipping around.

Zooming - Have the children jump into the air and make a quarter turn to the
left. Let them do this four times so they have made a complete turn.
Z is for zoo. Order animal masks from Oriental Trading Co.(12 for $6) . Set
up a Center with zoo animals. BOOK: 'Put Me in the Zoo'. Copy the animal in
this book and have the kids paint the strange breed! Glue zoo animals to
styro trays and 'cage in ' with black yarn. Copy and cut a number of zoo
animals w/out legs and later add clothespins as legs to make a standing
display (as a class project.) Make giant giraffes and Bingo dot the spots on.
Graph heights while doing giraffes/measure necks. Make elephant ears and fold
gray paper accordion style as trunks. Don't for get monkeys - 5 little
monkeys, monkeys teasing Mr. Alligator (do in felt) Monkey See Monkey Do
games...Teach factual info. about the animals in their natural
habitat.BOOK:"If I Ran the Zoo".
z is for zebra- draw and copy. Have kids paint the stripes on with QTips.
Z is for zipper. Draw jackets. Copy to colored paper. Kids draw in pre cut
colored zippers or if possible, glue in real zippers. Use doll to practice
zipping, tying, snapping etc...
Bingo dot the letter "Z".
Take precut strips of silver paper into the letter Z and glue to black paper.
ZERO - teach this sometimes misunderstood number concept!!
For more ABC ideas visit my ABC page at
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