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#1018. "Q" Letter Ideas

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Wed Apr 21 08:38:58 PDT 1999 by Early Childhood Mailring ().
Concepts Taught: "Q" letter activities

Q ideas from the ring

Activity Q
Quiet questions and answers! Who can be quiet the longest? This is a game
that has been played by parents and children for many years. In this game
you are allowed to ask and answer questions. However, before you can ask a
question or give an answer you must say "Q and U together say qu." If you
forget, you lose a turn. There are no winners or losers in this game, just
parents and children having a good time.

Q = quilt scraps (fabric inch squares)

Q: Quickly, quietly, with a quiver - how many ways can you move?
practice and the brainstorm a chart of all the ways children
can think of to move.

Cut crowns out of construction paper for each of the children and have them
decorate with feathers, paint, stickers, sequins, etc.

Q-Tip Pictures
Have the children paint pictures using Q-Tips.

Quack Quack
Have the children squat and waddle like ducks, flapping their wings.

Quacker Pizzas
Give each child a cracker and have them spoon a little pizza sauce or Ketchup
on it, add a slice of pepperoni, some cheese and put in the oven for 3 to 5

Letter Q- We folded a 12x18 sheet of pastel paper into 16 even sections,
then let the kids use Q-tips and water color paints to create a "patch" for
each square. The kids had a ball, and the "Quilts" turned out to very unique.

Quarter: Cut out the letter Q and take a quarter stamp and stamp quarter
all over the Q. To make a stamp- Take a quarter and hot glue on the end of a
round clothespin. Then stamp in the ink. makes a nice print! Older the
quarter is- better the pic comes out..

Rubbings of quarters: take a piece of typing paper and place over the
quarter and rub it with a crayon! Use both sides of the coin!

Queen: Make queens from construction paper. Give each child a square piece
of paper. Show the children how to roundthe corners to make a circle for the
queens face. Have the children tunr a rectangle piece of colored construction
paper sideways and snip V's out of the top to make a crown. Have the children
cut stripes of construction paper into small squares and use the small pieces
to make hair and facial features.

Quiet game:
Play the "quiet game." Challenge the children to see how long they can
remain quiet.

Quilt: give each child a piece of graph paper and have them color each
square to make a quilt.

Food: Quiche, Quaker oats

We have the QUIET Queen come to visit and she sometimes brings a quilt. We
have kids come back after being in the "big" school and ask if the Quiet queen
comes to visit. We have a veeeerrrrry quiet circle time. (great for us

or how about Question Man/Woman. sort of like the riddler on Batman.?
Question marks all over thier clothes. Sounds like it may be great for kids
with ""WH" who, what where, why and when. witht he prompt ask a Question?. I
just thought of this as I was typing and think I
'll have to do this for my languagae kids, like a jeopardy type thing, Ask a
question of Question Woman.

"Quilt", the letter Q stand-by...
Have each child make his piece for the class quilt. She used colored
constuction paper decorated with crayons, paint, etc. She "sewed" the
pieces together with yarn. Her kids were old enough to use a hole-punch on
thier projects- the holes need to go all the way around the paper, as close
or as far apart as you wish- but she did the holes one inch apart. to help
with the spacing, she used a fine-tipped marker to make the pattern for the
holes on each child's paper.

Now, when you "sew" the pieces together, use a thick, thick yarn and a
large plastic needle so the kids can help here, too. lace the papers
together, and go around the edges of pieces that are on the outside,
too. her dimensions were: five papers acrooss x six papers down.
(three classes altogether contributed). it is a huge quilt! our
director hung it in the main hallway!! beautiful!

At the same time we were doing quilts we were also talking about good
nutrition. I cut squares from an old white sheet and gave one to ea child.
(actually they made many prints and we used them for other things also) We
used real vegetables to make painted prints onto the squares. (lemons, apples,
gr. pepper, cauliflower, broccoli, carrot circles and gr. beans) I sewed these
print squares together alternating them with a colored material into long
strips, sewed the strips together and added a color coordinated border to make
a quilt. I stitched the names of all the children that helped in one coner
along with the year. It has been hung on the wall ever since and the kids
love finding their name and others names of children that might no longer be
with me.

Q-Tip Pictures
Have the children paint pictures using Q-Tips.

Quills----Take some feathers and sharpen the tip so the children can use it
as a writing tool ----- like our forefathers used them

Quiet----Quiet Day ----Make it where everybody whispers all day long

Quarts---- Everything in science area is measured in quarts---fill quart

Quest-----Have a day where you are in search for toys, answers, colors,

Quick----Large motor activities are done quickly---running games---Book
Quick as a Cricket----

Quartet---Do things in groups of fours

Queasy---sick to your stomach day ---use in combination with eXam

Quill pens - nail file/jar of ink/turkey feathers (I hear these can be
purchased at craft stores. Why not try a turkey farm? - there might be bugs
in these though (?)

use a nail file to file down point of feather and get creative