Subject: Mathematics

#1021. Fun patterns

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Wed Apr 21 19:16:34 PDT 1999 by Miss Sarah Rogers (
Materials Required: Interactive MAth Journey and components
Activity Time: 45 minutes to 1 hour
Concepts Taught: Patterns and Shapes

Sarah Rogers Lesson plan # 1 Math

Grade: Kindergarten

Subject: Math

Objective: For students to gain an understanding of shapes and patterns using Interactive Math Journey while reviewing the names of shapes and colors.

Pre-requisite knowledge: Colors, shapes and their names.

Hardware & Software requirements: Windows / Macintosh CD-ROM Windows / IBM compatibles 486 DX / 25 MHz or better; Windows 3.1 or higher (including Windows 95) with 8 MB RAM; DOS 5.0 or higher; hard disk; 256-color SVGA; double-speed CD-ROM drive; Windows-Compatible sound card; mouse.
Macintosh 68030 / 25 MHz or better with 256-color monitor system. 7.0 or higher with 8 MB RAM; hard disk; double-speed CD-ROM drive; mouse.

Access to the Internet (optional but preferable)

Interactive Math Journey by the Learning Company

Instructions to the teacher: Install game in advance to save time, review game to answer questions. Make copies of page 11, "Mirror Images" of the workbook included in the software. Each student will need the manipulatives included in the software; make arrangements to have students share, purchase more, draw the shapes, or cut out shapes with construction paper.

Instructions to the students: Enter name in box . Click start. Click on # 1 Patterns and Shapes.Clickon Math Exploration, it is the second pink triangle on the path. Complete patterns by clicking on the patterns to the left of the half finished design, use the space bar to rotate shapes. Complete 3 patterns

Student Handouts: "Mirror Images" on page 11 of the workbook included in the software. Complete the pattern with the manipulatives, by drawing the shapes, or using construction paper cutouts.

Time estimate: 45 minutes - 1 hour

Internet Site:
This Sesame Street website can help to review shapes and colors prior to the lesson in a fun and interesting way. The students should go to the shapes icon under the coloring section.

Assessment Mechanism: Student design their own pattern using manipulatives, by drawing the shapes, or using paper cut outs.