Grade: 1-2

#1025. Scavenger Hunt-Holidays Around the World

Social Studies, level: Elementary
Posted Fri Jun 18 11:56:12 PDT 1999 by Paula Banes (banes.kpe&
St. Mary's School, Waterloo, BlackHawk
Materials Required: computer with Internet access, LCD projector, chart paper
Activity Time: 5 day unit, 60 minutes per day
Concepts Taught: Cultural diversity

Teacher pages page 1

Paula Banes
Grade Level 1-2
Subject - social studies

Standard - Understanding diversity among cultures

~ gain an understanding of cultures through exploration of holidays around the world
~ use of computers and the Internet to locate and evaluate information

Lesson Topic - Scaveger Hunt of Holidays Around the World

Instructional Materisls
~ Computer with Internet access
~ LCD projector
~ chart paper

State Mandates included in this unit
~ MCNS ~ Technology
~ Higher order thinking skills ( comparing )
~ Communication ~ Listening skills

~ observation during large group and collection of scavenger hunts
~ pairs worksheets collected at computer center

Previous knowledge - students will have previous experience with computers and the Internet


Yahooligans Around the World: Holidays


Ask Jeeves

Celebrations Around the World with Midlink Magazine

Teacher pages page 2

Directions for Scavenger Hunt of Holidays Around the World

Day 1-
~ Distribute handouts for Scavenger Hunt Day 1
~ Using the LCD projector, start with bookmark for Yahooligans
~ Once on home page:
~ Click on Christmas then click on 13. Happy 3 Holidays
~ Do Scavenger Hunt Day 1 together by clicking on Christmas, Hanukkah and
~ Demonstrate on chart paper for students
~ Collect paper
~ Fun sheet - students color the Menorah distributed by the teacher

Day 2 -
~ Have "Ask Jeeves" worksheet available at computer center
~ Explain on chart paper to the class the worksheet at the computer center
~ Using the LCD projector, demonstrate to the students how to go to bookmarks
and click on "Ask Jeeves"
~ At center time, have students work in pairs to complete "Ask Jeeves" worksheet
~ Collect papers

Day 3-
~ Distribute handouts for Scavenger Hunt Day 3
~ Using the LCD projector, go to bookmark for ProTeacher
~ Do Scavenger Hunt Day 3 together by clicking on Christmas and then go to and
click on The Carols of Christmas. Click on Kwanzza and go to colors. And click on
Hanukkah and go to Happy Chanukah.
~ Demonstrate on chart paper for students
~ Collect papers
~ Fun sheet - students decorate the Christmas tree distributed by the teacher using
crayons, glitter, sequins, and glue

Day 4-
~ Same as above Day 2

Day 5-
~ Distribute handouts for Scavenger Hunt Day 5
~ Using the LCD projector, go to the bookmark for Holidays Around the World:
~ Do Scavenger Hunt Day 5 together by clicking on the different Christmas,
Hanukkah and Kwanzza greetings. Explore the different messages.
~ Have the students choose one of the holidays and create their own greeting on
~ Collect and evaluate all papers

Student pages

Page 1- Scavenger Hunt Day 1

Question #1: What is Christmas?

Question#2: What is Hanukkah?

Question#3: What is Kwanzza?

Compare these in large group

Page 2 - Scavenger Hunt Days 2&4

Students go to bookmark "Ask jeeves"

Ask 2 questions about the holiday of your choice

What did you ask and what did you find out?

Page 3 - Scavenger Hunt Day 3

Question #1: What is you favorite Christmas Carol?

Question #2: What are the 3 colors of Kwanzza and what do they mean?

Question #3: How many days are there in the Festival of Lights?

Page 4 - Scavenger Hunt Day 5

Explore the different holiday greetings

Choose Christmas, Hanukkah,or Kwanzza and create your own holiday
greeting card

Dear Parents:

During the next week, we will be working on a unit titled Holidays Around the World. We will be focusing on Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzza.The students will be exploring different web sites on the Internet to get information about these holidays.

If you have Internet access at home and would like to explore these web sites with your child the titles and URL's are as follows:

Yahooligans Around the World


Ask Jeeves

Celebrations Around the World with Midlink Magazine