Grade: 1-2
Subject: Science

#1027. Frogs and Toads Are Different (But Still Friends)

Science, level: Elementary
Posted Fri Jun 18 13:21:57 PDT 1999 by Pamela Argotsinger (
Irving Elementary, Waterloo, Iowa
Materials Required: Internet Access, Book: Frog and Toad are Friends
Activity Time: 5 30-40 minute sessions
Concepts Taught: Contrast/Compare characteristics of frogs and toads

Beginning Internet:Using the Internet to Support Teaching and Learning
Patty Achey Cutts, Instructor
June 19, 1999

Frogs and Toads Are Different
(But Still Friends)

Written by: Pam Argotsinger - Irving Elementary, Waterloo
Community Schools

Grade Level: Second Grade
Summary: Through various Internet sites, the book Frog and Toad Are Friends, classification and writing activities, students will be able to
identify the unique characteristics of frogs and toads. They will compare and contrast
the two amphibians using facts and using the stories written by Arnold Lobel. This will be demonstrated in various activities.

Materials: Computer with Internet access
Graphic organizers
Book- Frog and Toad Are Friends

Objectives: Know about the diversity and unity that characterizes life
Compare and contrast characteristics of frogs and toads
Generalize knowledge of characteristics of frogs and toads into a story reflecting their knowledge


Day 1
Objective: introduce the Internet
review the characteristics and
members of the amphibian family

Lesson: As a total group identify our purpose for searching.
As a total group introduce this site on the Internet:bookmark- amphibians.html
Introduce the address as a way to find our way around the Internet.
Use the information on frogs and toads as amphibians to complete Part 1 on graphic organizer.
Fun time! extend the lesson and reinforce Internet use by moving to this site and reading a frog joke:Funnies - One Liners
Day 2 -
Objective: review concept that the Internet is an information resource
introduce bookmarks
compare and contrast frogs and toads
Lesson: Identify our purpose for using the Internet.
Introduce using a bookmark as a tool for using the Internet as a resource.
Go to web site: How are frogs and toads different? Use this information to complete Part 2 of graphic organizer.
Fun time- Go to bookmark-Frog Groups. Record findings.

Day 3-
Objective: review use of the Internet and use of the tool of bookmarks
introduce finding your way around a web site-using the tool of "back" and using links
review comparing and contrasting frogs and toads by using photos and drawings in book Frog and Toad Are Friends
Lesson: Read the story "Spring" from Frog and Toad Are Friends. Focus on the characters and their characteristics as a frog or a toad. Set purpose for using the Intenet as finding some photos of
actual frogs and toads. Go to
book marked site: Froggy Pictures
Complete Part 3 of graphic organizer.
Fun time: Go to book marked site
to view Silly Frog Pictures.

Day 4-
Objective: relate frog and toad characteristics to the characters personalities in the story "The Swim" from Frog and Toad Are Friends.
identify purpose for using Internet and find book marked site
in pairs.
Lesson: Read the story "The Swim" in partners. Complete graphic
organizer Part 4 with partner. In pairs go to computer to find and use bookmarked site: Vertebrates of Virginia.
Students will complete 2nd section of graphic organizer Day 4 as they take their turns in pairs at the computer.

Day 5-
Objective: Assessment of knowledge of likes and differences of frogs and toads
Assess knowledge that the Internet
is an information resource.
Assess students knowledge of how to use a bookmark to find a site
Lesson: Students will write their own "Frog and Toad" story in which the problem element is due to an actual contrast between frogs and toads. Students will individually
come to computer to show me how they will find the information to answer the Super Sleuth Frog Question on the graphic organizer.
Bookmark:For kids and teachers

• Frog and Toad are Friends by Arnold Lobel

Sites bookmarked on the Internet
• Amphibians 344/97/vertebrates/amphibians.html

• Funnies - One Liners!dstroy/jokes/liners.html

• Ask Jeeves-

• Frog Groups -

• Froggy Pictures -

• Silly Frog Pictures -

• Vertebrates of Virginia -

• Cool Frog Photos -

• The Poison-Arrow Frog -