Grade: 3-5
Subject: Science

#1032. Dinosaurs

Science, level: Elementary
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Henry Ford Community College , Dearborn, United States Of America
Materials Required: A computer and Scholastic's The Magic Bus Explores in the Age of Dinosaurs, CD
Activity Time: 30-45 minutes
Concepts Taught: Learning Dinosaur names and groups


To teach the students about different dinosaurs and what groups
they belong in.

Pre-requisite Knowledge:

Have some background on the CD the students are going to
be working on. Know how to get onto and out of this CD.

Teacher Instructions:
- Set up the CD to where the children should begin.
- To do so, click on Play MSB Dinosaurs
- Click on the bus
- Click on the wind up dinosaur on the bottom right of the screen.
- You are going to see a bus in the window, click on it.
- Click on the monitor with the picture of the teacher on it.
(Depending on how much time you have, you can either make a
drivers license for them or they can start the activity by making
up there own drivers licenses).
If you are going to do the drivers license, complete the rest of the
steps, if not stop here.
- When you are through making your picture, click on the
typewriter looking thing.
- Now, click on the dinosaurs tail on the top, right corner of the
- when you are through, click on the rear view mirror.
- The student now is ready to begin.

Hardware Required:
For Windows 95/ Windows 3.1 or3.11:
- 486SX25 MHz PC or higher
- Double-speed CD-ROM Drive
- 8 MB RAM
- 5 MB available on hard drive
- SVGA 256-color style graphic adapter
- MPC-compatible sound card
- Mouse

For Macintosh:
- 68040 or PowerPC processor
- Double-speed CD-ROM Drive
- 8 MB RAM
- 4 MB available on hard drive
- 256-color graphics capability
- 13" or larger color monitor
- Macintosh System 7.1 or higher
- Quick time 2.0 (included)
- Sound Manager (included)

Software Required:
Scholastic's The Magic School Bus
Explores in the Age of Dinosaurs

Student Instructions:
- If you are doing the drivers license, click on the tiny picture to the
right of the steering wheel.
- Pick out your hair and features.
- Type in your name and age.
- Click on the typewriter on the bottom right of the page.
- Now click on the dinosaur tail in the top, right corner of the page.
- Now we are back on the bus.
- Click on the rear view mirror.
- Now click on the red ball on the top right side of the screen
(lever), with the hose coming down from it.
- Go through the colored dots on the left side of the screen.
- Look at the pictures of the different dinosaurs in the different
- dinosaur groups and try to learn their names.
- After you are done going through the colored dots and learning
the different dinosaurs, you may exit.
- To exit, press on the dinosaurs tail on the top center of the page,
and let the next person go.

Time Limit:
30-45 minutes
Useful Internet Site:
Assessment Mechanism:
- Give one quiz following the handout.
- Make the quiz out of 16 points.
- 10 or higher is a check plus, 7-9 is a check, and 6 or lower is a
- Each name is worth 2 points. If the child gets lower that 8, have
him or her take a retake quiz.

Student Handout:


1. Pterodactyls 1. Stegosaurus

2. Rhamphorhyncoids 2. Ankylosaurus


1. Apatosaurus 1. Allosaurus

2. Barosaurous 2. Megalosaurus

3. Mamenchisaurus 3. Albertasaurus

4. Giganotosaurus

FACT: Allosaurus dinosaurs are the largest carnivores.


Dinosaur Quiz

Name two dinosaurs under each category:

Flying Reptiles Armored Dinosaurs

1. _______________________ 1. _______________________

2. _______________________ 2. _______________________

Large Sauropods Carnivorous Dinosaurs

1. _______________________ 1. _______________________

2. _______________________ 2. _______________________

Extra Credit:

Which of the Carnivorous Dinosaurs is the largest?