Grade: 3-5
Subject: Language

#1034. Body Parts

Language, level: Elementary
Posted Fri Apr 23 15:58:19 PDT 1999 by Rachelle Young (
OSU, Stillwater,OK-US
Materials Required: Worksheet and overhead of body parts in Spanish, crossword using Spanish body parts
Activity Time: 45 Minutes
Concepts Taught: Identify the body parts in Spanish

Anticipatory Set- Students will review the vocabulary from the last lesson.

Presentation of New Material- Teacher will pass out body parts worksheet and use the overhead to identify the Spanish words for the parts of the body.

Production Practice-
Mechanical- Students will repeat the Spanish body parts words after the teacher.
Meaningful- Teacher will point to body parts and have the children identify them in Spanish. Students will then do the same drill with partners, one pointing and one identifying in Spanish.

Application/Interaction- Class will play Simon Dice in Spanish with the teacher calling out the body parts in Spanish and the students pointing to them.

Closure/Assessment- Students will complete a body parts crossword in Spanish.

Assignment/Projects- Finish the crossword and practice the vocabulary.