Grade: 1-2
Subject: Language

#1037. Careers - Spanish

Language, level: Elementary
Posted Sat Apr 24 12:30:52 PDT 1999 by Shari Clapp (
Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK, USA
Materials Required: A Career big book in Spanish
Activity Time: up to a week
Concepts Taught: Reading, Careers

Teachers prepare a big book in the style of "Brown bear, brown bear" for careers. For example, one page might say, " Carpenter, carpenter, what do you see? I see a singer looking at me." Pictures of the respective workers are pasted on the corresponding page.
Teachers read this book with the children, commenting on the occupations in Spanish. In this way, students develop a working vocabulary of professions.
A variety of spin off activities can be used to enhance the lesson. For example, students can combine art and writing skills by drawing pictures of each occupation mentioned and labeling them.