Grade: Middle
Subject: Language

#1041. Introduce yourself

Language, level: Middle
Posted Sun Apr 25 13:28:30 PDT 1999 by I-Chien Chen (
Penn State University, State College, PA
Materials Required: sample drawing, pens or color pencils, few pieces of papers
Activity Time: 30-40 minutes

The objectives of this lesson plan are to give students the chance to practice how to combine what they have already learned, and to orally, in English, introduce themselves and
their family in groups which is similiar to social chatting.

Practice makes perfect. EFL Students seldom have the chance of oral practice. By adopting this activity, students can learn to overcome the shyness of speaking in samll groups, and, then, in front of the whole class.


* TEACHER: one simple drawing sample of the members of a family
* LEARNER: pens or color pencils, and few pieces of papers

1. The teacher will divide the class into groups of four people.
2. The teacher will show the students a simple drawing sample of the members of a family, and briefly introduce each to the whole class in English.
3. Each student have to draw a simple picture with every member living in their houses on the paper.
4. Every member in the group has to introduce their family members in the picture to other members in English.
5. After the group discussion, one person in each group will be pick up to introduce one picture of his/her group to the whole class.

40 percent of the evaluation will be left to each group member, and other 60 percent will be left to the teacher by observing students' discussion with their peers.