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Grade: Senior
Subject: Literature

#1044. Final project for unit on Hansberry's "A Raisin in the Sun"

Literature, level: Senior
Posted Mon Apr 26 08:28:48 PDT 1999 by Jodi Greenberg (jbgreen@eden.rutgers.edu).
Rutgers University Graduate Student, New Brunswick
Activity Time: several days

Final project: "A Raisin in the Sun"

In Act III of "A Raisin in the Sun" we see the Younger family packing up their things and getting ready to move to Clybourne Park. What if there was an Act IV? What would happen? Your assignment is to write the first scene of an imaginary Act IV of "A Raisin in the Sun." You will need to:

1) Decide what will happen next. What action will take place? In Act III of "Raisin" you saw the Younger family packing. In Act IV will you see them unpacking? Or will they have already finished unpacking and in Act IV will we notice that everything is already set up? Will the scene be upbeat? Will something good happen? Or will something bad happen? In deciding this, you need to be aware of the plot up to this point. What clues from Act III show you that the ending will be either positive or negative? There could conceivably be scenes following the one you create. Still, a scene cannot end until an author's thought has been completed.
2) Decide who will be there. Will the action involve the Younger family alone, or will new characters be introduced? Maybe the Youngers will interact with new neighbors. Did Beneatha go to Africa with Asagai? Or did she remain at home? Will Travis have a larger role in this scene than he did in the others?
3) Decide where the action will take place. In the first three Acts, the audience saw only the Younger's apartment. Will the action now remain in the new home? Or will actions take place outside of the home?
4) Write appropriate dialogue for the characters. You should show your understanding of who these characters are and what they would say and do.
5) Keep in mind the themes used in the play.
6) Use the appropriate format. The names of the speakers should be listed on the left side of the page, stage direction should be italicized, etc.
7) Your finished piece should be typed and you should include a title page.
8) You will receive both an individual grade and a group grade.