Grade: 3-5
Subject: Language

#1046. Action!!!

Language, level: Elementary
Posted Mon Apr 26 18:41:26 PDT 1999 by Cara O'Toole (
Inghram Elementary, San Bernardino
Materials Required: dice, teacher-made "action game cards"
Activity Time: 15-20 minutes
Concepts Taught: action verbs (great for kinesthetic learners)

Preparation: Make 5-9 action cards depending on class size. This activity should be done in groups of 3-5 and you will need 1 die and 1 card for each group. Action cards are simply index cards with numbered action verbs on them. The verbs should be numbered 1-6 and they can vary in difficulty depending on your grade level.

1. Each group receives one action card and one die.

2. The game begins when you call "action" and ends when you call "cut".

Rules: The first player rolls the dice and must read the verb with the corresponding number. Then, they must physically perform or act out the verb. If they are unable or unwilling to perform it, they lose their turn. This continues around the group until you call "cut".

Warning: This can be a loud activity depending on the verbs. So, choose verbs wisely or be prepared! :)