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#1051. Symbols of citizenship

Social Studies, level: all
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RCSD School #17, Rochester, NY
Materials Required: (per group) 1 wooden dowel, 1 piece of white fabric approx. 3'x3', cloth markers, construction paper
Activity Time: 45 mins.
Concepts Taught: symbols of citizenship

LESSON TITLE: Symbols of Citizenship

ANTICIPATORY SET: In order to effectively engage the students and get them ready to learn, the teacher will:

Read a portion of the book Our National Symbols by Linda Carlson Johnson that deals with some of the symbols of the United States.
Have students provide examples of what they think the symbols of a country are and provide suggestions for what their purpose is.

OBJECTIVE: By the end of this lesson, the students will be able to:

State orally the definition of a national symbol.
Recognize that different nations have different symbols by orally stating at least two differences between the symbols of the United States and Great Britain.
Work cooperatively in a small group to design their own symbols of citizenship (flag, symbol and motto).
Orally state the significance of the citizenship symbols they have designed to them as a group.


It is essential that students recognize that groups of people band together to get things accomplished. When people become a working community, they often design a symbol, flag, motto or landmark that help to define them as a group.

By completing this lesson, students will recognize that they are their own community within their classroom. Students will be provided the opportunity to use the information they have learned about the symbols of a community to design their own symbols.


The teacher will show the students a symbol (landmark), flag and motto from the United States and Great Britain.
The teacher will question students to ensure that they understand the purpose of the symbols being demonstrated.


The teacher will model for the students how to create their own flag, symbol and motto using cloth material for the flag and construction paper for the symbol and motto.


The students will create their own symbols of citizenship.


The teacher will have the groups share their symbols and explain why they chose the symbols that they chose.
The teacher will ask students to provide a definition of a symbol of citizenship.