Grade: Pre-School
Subject: Games

#1054. Butterfly Kisses

Games, level: Pre-School
Posted Tue Apr 27 14:58:50 PDT 1999 by Tilly McBara (
Little Tikes Pre-School, Cabat
Materials Required: none
Activity Time: Reasonably after or before "Nap Time"
Concepts Taught: Butterflies - Improved "Telephone"

Have your kids stand in a circle. Someone starts the game by giving the player to their right a butterfly kiss (brushing their eyelashes against the player's cheek). After the "kiss" they tell the child a secret. They will then pass it on, each player giving the next a "kiss." Once back to the first player, have the last player state what they heard. See how funny it turns out! Make sure that the secret revolves around your butterfly unit. It's best to have the teacher start each game by telling the next player a fact about butterflies after the "kiss."