Grade: 1-2
Subject: Music

#1069. Quarter Rest Lesson

Music, level: Elementary
Posted Fri Apr 30 11:15:47 PDT 1999 by Liz Allen ().
CSU Stanislaus Student , Turlock, USA
Activity Time: 15-20 min

Grade Level: Grade One
Transparency for "Peas Porridge Hot" and Picture of Quarter Rest
CD with song Pease Porridge Hot
Poster board with quarter rest on it
Two green and two red cards: green with "no rest" or rest symbol canceled out and red with a quarter rest on it
Masking tape
Musical Skills Developed:
singing with a group, reading a quarter rest, recognizing a quarter rest in a clapped measure.

Concepts Taught:
A beat may have no sound. There is a symbol for the silent beat.

The student will indicate the silent beats (rests) with an outward motion of the arms. The student will be able to indicate a measure clapped out with a quarter rest, and a measure clapped out without a quarter rest.

Lesson Outline:
1. Play "Peas Porridge Hot" off the CD.
2. Teach song by rote.
1. Show quarter rest on a poster and transparency and explain what it is.
2. Echo Clap "Peas Porridge Hot"(ta,ti-ti,etc.) 2 measures at a time.
3. Chant and clap "Peas Porridge Hot."
4. Everybody sing with the CD.
Evaluation and Reinforcement Game: Improvisation of Steal the Bacon
The class is divided into four teams each team forms a line behind the masking tape found on the floor. The lines are distinguished by color. The line should be formed with the first person in each line facing the first person on another team. Between each set of teams are two cards, one with a rest symbol(red-symbolizing stop) and one with a cancelled out rest symbol(green- symbolizing that the measure has no rest). The teacher will clap a measure of "Peas Porridge Hot." When the measure is completed the first student at the beginning of each line will race to grab the appropriate card, - if the measure had a rest they will get the card with the rest symbol if it doesn't they will get the card without. Each correct card will be awarded a point for that team. The team with the most points wins. All students will be rewarded with a sticker for their participation.