Grade: 1-2
Subject: other

#1074. Counting in French

other, level: Elementary
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student, Stillwater, OK, USA
Materials Required: see below
Activity Time: 30 minutes
Concepts Taught: french: family members

Lesson topic: Describing Family
Unit Title: Comparing Cultures
Class: 1

Lesson Goals: Communication, Comparisons
Language skills
L, S 1. Student will be able to name and understand family members
S 2. SWBAT use adjectives to describe him or herself
S,W 3. SWBAT say and write gender appropriate adjectives
L,S 4. SWBAT use learned vocabulary to understand and say how family members are like

Assessment strategies to be used:
Observe skill at following spoken word and answering questions

Vocabulary and Grammatical Structures:
adjectives: hair color, size, height, personality
nouns: members of family
verb: etre
blond, brun, roux, petit, grand, sympa, mince, gros, intelligent, content, triste
pere, mere, soeur, frere, grand-pere, grande-mere
je suis, il est, tu es, ils sont

text: A Country Far Away
by Nigel Gray
ISBN 0-531-05792-5
flash cards of adjectives, cut outs of family members

Anticipatory set
Read the pages from A Country Far Away dealing with family members and self
Ask questions about the pictures' content, about African culture, our culture
Presentation of New Material
Using comprehensible input, teacher presents vocabulary of family member and adjectives
Using either/or question to check comprehension
Using comprehensible input the students will realize the difference between masculine and feminine adjectives.
Production Practice
Involve the students in questions and statements about:
describing self (es-tu grand?)
describing his/her family (ta soeur, est-elle brune ou blonde?)
describing characters in book
Speaking: the students will take turns picking out a cut-out person and an adjective flash card and show them to everyone and say a sentence using the new vocabulary
Sitting in a circle, the students will each take a turn saying an adjective that describes him/her self
draw a picture of your family and write one (3 or 4 word) sentence describing each family member using the new vocabulary