Grade: 1-2
Subject: Science

#1076. Exploring The Ocean

Science, level: Elementary
Posted Thu May 6 16:27:51 PDT 1999 by Rhonda ().
Education Student, Detroit, USA
Activity Time: 2 hours

Topic Exploring the ocean

Objectives Knowledge: Explore the locations and extent of the ocean and ocean life
Examine the relationships among depth and sea life
Skills: Navigate the ocean
Identify sea animals and their sounds

Prerequisite Knowledge Basic knowledge of computers and the mouse

Instructions to the teacher My suggestion is to read a book about the ocean to the
children first. I chose the Magic School Bus On the Ocean Floor by Joanne Cole. I
found this book and other books on the ocean at the local library. Her are some other
suggestions Baby whales Drink Milk by Ebensen, What's Under the Ocean? by Janet
Craig. There are also many videos about the ocean and I would suggest showing one
after you read the book. Suggestions on videos, I found Spouts Ahoy by time life at the
local library. Now let the children run the computer program After they have completed
this have them do an arts and crafts project. Their is a book called Crafts for Kids Who
are Wild About Oceans by Kathy Ross that has allot of crafts about the ocean.

Hardware and software requirements *A multimedia PC or compatible with a 486sx
or higher microprocessor
*25 MHZ, 4 MB of RAM
*5 MB of available hard disk space
*An 8-bit audio board capable of playing audio CDs with speakers or head
*An AVGA display capable of 256 colors
*Either MS-DOS version5.0 or later with Microsoft Windows 3.1 or later,
or Microsoft Windows 95
*The Magic School Bus CD program, Exploring the Ocean Floor

Instructions to the students 30 minutes to run the program and explore, Day 1
30 minutes to go on a treasure hunt, Day 2

Student handouts None

Time limit 30-45 to explore on the first day
30-45 to go on a treasure hunt

Internet sites to look at

Assessment mechanism A quiz (see attached)

References Ebensen. Baby Whales Drink Milk.Herper collins,1994
Cole, Joanna. The Magic School Bus On the Ocean Floor. New
Craig, Janet. What's Under the Ocean? Mahwah, NJ: Troll, 1982
Spouts Ahoy. A Wildlife /BBC Lionheart production in ssociation with
Time-LifeVideo, 1992

Sample Questions

1. Can whales breathe under water?
A. yes B no

2. Are whales fish?
A. yes B. no

3. How far away can one whale hear another?
A. 1 mile B. 10 miles C. 100 miles

4. What whale gives its babies piggy-back rides underwater?
A. Beluga B. Humpback C. Killer whale

5. What is a group ao dolphins called?
A. a herd B. a pod C. a pack

6. Is it possible to explore the ocean in one day?
A. yes B. no


1. B. no 6. B. no

2. B. no

3. C.100 miles

4. A. Beluga

5. B. a pod