Grade: other

#1078. Fablemania, the first step

Reading/Writing, level: other
Posted Fri May 7 11:43:15 PDT 1999 by Cathleen Curtner (
Trinity Christian, Palos Heights, Cook
Materials Required: source of fables. You may use books, Internet, or other forms of media
Activity Time: 3 x 45 minutes
Concepts Taught: Revising fables for contemporary understanding

Anticipatory Set: (Make fable and moral match-up cards by including all but the fable on one and all the moral on the other.) The children each receive one card. Then they are to find their partners, the missing piece to the fable.
Preassessment may be given to find out how much children know about fables.
Learning Sequence:
1. Pick one of the fables printed for a rewrite.
2. Begin to rewrite, using one element at a time.
3. When rewrite is complete, begin to draw a picture. It should illustrate the most important part of the fable.
4. When steps 2 and 3 are complete, practice an oral reading of the fable.
5. Dress to video tape the oral reading.
6. Pass the video around the class so that the parents may view their children's work.
7. Each of the fable may be copied to comb together a book for the class for each student.