Grade: Senior
Subject: Computer

#1080. creat a simple webpage

Computer, level: Senior
Posted Mon Jan 18 13:02:18 PST 2010 by Amr Bantan (Amr Bantan).
Unviresity of Akron, Akron,OH

teaching students in high School how to create and design a simple website by using frontpage software. it is also preparing students to use some tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Falsh to make their website as a professional website

Students will learn in the first discussing what the purpose and goals that will achievement in this course. They will know what are the requirements and instruction to receive the best result and knowledge by providing the sources such as textbook or the softwares they will use in order to make them ready. I will ask them to start to think about the final project depends on their interest or hopes. I'll give them the freedom to choice any topic. During the course they will create their own website from easy step such as first page trough the hard part which are embedding Flash,sound,videos and linking other web pages together. I will describe the steps by using the pictures and comments on these pictures not just writing. We will share together to fix or solve any problems from the class as soon as we can.