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Grade: Middle
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#1081. Food for Energy

other, level: Middle
Posted Mon Jan 18 15:33:59 PST 2010 by Amal (Amal ).
English teacher, Akron
Activity Time: 45 mins

The organization of the lesson will be the objective first then the procedure.
1-SWBAT correctly define healthy and junk food.
To ask students some questions:
Are you hungry?
What would you like to eat?
To show students two pictures.
To ask what can you see in each picture.
Which food is good\bad?
Which one is healthy? Why?
To ask what meal do you choose.
Why do you choose meal B?
What do you call each meal?
To give a simple definition for healthy and junk food.
To introduce the new words on flash cards.
To write the definitions on the board
2-SWBAT correctly discuss the food pyramid, nutrients, a balance diet and benefits of having a healthy meal using their notes.
To ask students some questions:
What did you eat for breakfast?
What do you like to add to your breakfast meal?
How many times do you eat fruit a day?
What is your favorite fruit?
What are the five categories in the food pyramid?
To discuss the food pyramid and the nutrients for each category by using the power point.
Students will take notes on the lecture.
During the lecture I will ask students some questions to activate their background and engage them in the presentation.
To divide students into groups to represent one category and speak about its nutrients and give examples of food belonging to this category.
To invite the nutritionist from the local hospital to talk about balance diets, health, benefits of eating healthy meals and how to make a healthy meal.
To give students chance to ask the nutritionist.
To ask students what elements should be included on a diet to have a healthy meal?
To ask students to decide their favorite ingredients for a healthy meal.
To ask them design their own balance menu for the three meals and snacks.
To work as groups to predict and list the benefits for eating healthy food.
3- SWBAT correctly discuss the reasons of junk food popularity and list its disadvantages.
To ask students some questions:
What is junk food?
What are some examples of junk food meals?
Why do people like junk food?
Why junk food is popular.
To show them a video about the popularity of junk food.
To take notes on what they are watching.
To work as groups to discuss and write at least 2reasons for junk food popularity.
To read articles about the disadvantages for junk food meals.
To discuss the articles and write the disadvantages of eating junk food meals.
To list these disadvantages on the board.
4-SWBAT correctly write a small paragraph using the wiki site about what they have learned.
To have students write a small paragraph about what they have learned from our unit using the wiki site.
considering the following points:
The difference between healthy and junk food.
Some examples.
Advantages of healthy food.
Disadvantages of junk food.
The impact of this lesson on you?
Give some advice for people addicted to junk food.
To have them write their comments and vote for the best one.