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Grade: Middle
Subject: other

#1082. Smoking and the Advertising Industry

other, level: Middle
Posted Tue May 11 21:09:53 PDT 1999 by F Jacob (
LAUSD, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Materials Required: Dictionary, thesaurus
Activity Time: 45 - 60 min
Concepts Taught: Study advertising techniques, effects of smoking on health

FILE: SMOK_AD.DOC The Tobacco Industry - Research Activity Health
You may write on this paper YOUR FULL NAME__________________________________ PERIOD _____

A study of tobacco industry advertising reveals (shows) that it is misleading and deceptive.
1. Using a thesaurus, find three more synonyms of misleading and deceptive. First though,
define: thesaurus ________________________________


2a Many teens, due to inexperience with life are naive and gullible. Define.

naive -

gullible -

2b One antonym of naive and gullible is shrewd. Write 3 more antonyms of these words. (Hint: Use synonyms of shrewd. )

________________________ __________________________ ________________________

3. Using tobacco color print ads, write down two different Surgeon General's warnings. Look up any words you don't understand and define them in the space below the lines.



4. How did Hollywood promote (and continue to do so) smoking?________________________________


5. In the past, individual plaintiffs (define ________________________________________ _____________________________________failed to win suits against the tobacco industry. Give 2 reasons why.

a) _______________________________________


6. What is a class action lawsuit?

7. Much damaging evidence against the tobacco companies was obtained by whistleblowers. Explain the term.

8. In a proposed settlement of a massive class action lawsuit, industry executives want immunity from individual plaintiffs. Define:
a) settlement

b) immunity

9 Experts believe that industry executives committed perjury (define:__________________________________________ ) when they testified under oath before Congress that tobacco was NOT addictive and did not cause cancer.

10 Explain why a teenage smoker is a more valuable client to tobacco companies than an adult.

11 In what decade (define: ____________________________________) were tobacco ads banned from TV ) a) 50's b) 60's c) 70's d) 80's e) 90's

12 Emphysema, one of the results of smoking, is a disease of what body system?
__ E __ P __ __ __ T __ __ Y

13 Is smoking sexy?? Medical evidence links smoking to impotence. Define:

14 If a smoker spends $1000 per year on cigarettes, why is is correct to assume that after 10 years, (s)he will have spent more than $10,000 on cigarettes?

15 Taxes levied (raised) on harmful products are called sin taxes. Name one other product besides tobacco that is subject to sin taxes.
__ __ C __ __ __ L

16 What types of cancers do pipe and cigar smokers suffer from?
__ O __ __ H and __ H __ __ __ T

17 One method used by addicts to quit (though not very effective ) is called cold turkey. Define.

18 Most tobacco executives don't smoke. Why?

19 Who owns tobacco companies like Philip Morris and RJR?

20 Smokers are at high risk for stroke (now called brain attack) . Define.

21) True/False (circle answer)

T F Addiction to one drug facilitates (makes it easier) to get addicted to another drug.
T F Chewing tobacco can cause oral cancers.
T F Lung cancers can be detected (discovered) early.
T F Arsenic (rat poison) and ammonia (used in toilet bowl cleaners) are found in cigarettes.
T F A health professional who owns stock in tobacco companies has a conflict of interest.

************** END *****************