Grade: 1-2
Subject: Music

#1083. Quiet time

Music, level: Elementary
Posted Wed May 12 02:05:22 PDT 1999 by Janice Burke (
St.Paul's, Primary school Cabra., Northern Ireland
Materials Required: A selection of percussion instruments
Activity Time: Variable
Concepts Taught: To encourage the children to listen and take care.

1.Ask the children to sit in a circle.
2.Pile the instruments up, in the middle of the circle.
Each child takes a turn at creeping into the middle and trying to retrieve an instrument without making the slightest noise.
The other children are ready and waiting to hear any sound at all.
If the child is successful they can keep the instrument and play it at the end of the activity.
If they are not successful they must put the instrument back in to the pile.
At the end, Sing a familiar song and the children can accompany on their instruments.