Grade: 3-5

#1089. Literature Connection to the Six Traits of Writing

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Sat May 15 19:54:09 PDT 1999 by Gail Reller (
Nova Eisenhower, Davie, Florida
Materials Required: Book- Harvey Potters Balloon Farm
Activity Time: On-Going
Concepts Taught: Pre Writing activity / Trait IDEAS

Find the secret to generating prewriting ideas. Provide opportunities for students to expand their imaginations by combining this tall tale of Harvey Potter's magical balloon farm! After reading the story of a strange but wonderful farmer, encourage students to imagine what secret steps they might take to grow colorful balloons from their prewriting IDEAS. Have students write their secrets on construction paper balloons and glue onto pipe cleaners. Encourage them to include listmaking,t-charts, mapping, or and other prewriting stategy that helps them manage and narrow their topics. Writing one of their magical topics on each balloon will motivate students to nurture and harvest it to a published writing piece. After they have completed several balloons, plant them into small clay pots with Plaster of Paris. Plant extra pipe cleaners. Writers will want to contunue to add to their balloon gardens as their imaginations grow.