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Grade: Middle
Subject: other

#1092. Puppet Show

other, level: Middle
Posted Wed May 19 05:48:11 PDT 1999 by Rainbow Brite (
A Not So Ordinary Girl
School, USA
Materials Required: materials for puppets, access to computers, puppet stage
Activity Time: One week max.
Concepts Taught: Public speaking, creative writing, play writing

I. Anticipatory Set
- Finished puppets done by previous students or techer out in front of class.

II. States Objectives
- Puppet show to be presented by groups no larger than four students, with original script and puppet creations.

III. Instructional Input
- Script
*Must tell a story.
*Must teach a moral lesson.
*Must have at least four characters.
*Must be typed and in proper format (visual).
- Puppets
*Each group must build their own puppets.
*Puppets mouth must move.
- Expectations (Grading)
*Manipulation - Does the puppets mouth movements match what you are saying?
*Voice Characterization - Does each character have its own unique vocal quality?
*Volume - Can you be heard all over the room?
*Preparation - Does the group know the script well?

IV. Models Behavior
- Overhead transparencies will provide examples of proper format and the date tasks are due.

V. Independent Practice
- Students will form groups, choose a group name, and choose a topic (moral lesson). All of which will be due by the end of class.

VI. Closure
- Reminder of next due date, use small goals (have puppets due one day, rough draft or script and final copy of script due another day, etc).