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#1100. Marketing / Advertising Project

other, level: Senior
Posted Fri Jun 25 08:12:21 PDT 1999 by Tamara K. Johnson (
Unity Christian High School, Fulton, IL
Materials Required: Computers, overhead LCD projector, Handouts, Dry erase boards,
Activity Time: 2 to 3 days
Concepts Taught: Marketing Concepts

Marketing / Advertisement Project
Lesson Plans

Madeline Hunter Lesson Design By Tamara K. Johnson
Grades 11-12 General Business / Marketing June 24, 1999

Resources Need:
Computers with Inspiration 5 software by Inspiration (1 computer per group)
Writing Utensils
Overhead Examples
Example of Classification Thinking Skill
Textbook or Notes for students to refer back to if needed
Chalk or Dry Erase Board
Overhead Projector and Screen
Printed Handouts and Worksheets for students
LCD Projector and Computer

Classroom Arrangement:
A portion of the classroom will be needed for class lecture and discussion. All students
will need to have visual access to the overhead screen to follow overheads and computer
projections. Writing space will also be needed for students to complete written handouts
and worksheets. Finally space around computers will be needed for groups to gather
around their areas to brainstorm and create their webs on the computer.

Lesson Plan Duration:
This entire Marketing Unit will take approximately four to five weeks
This lesson specifically will take approximately two to three days depending on class
discussion, student questions, and class understanding

Special Directions:
Note that students will need a solid background study of marketing and all areas involved. After this lesson of the unit is complete, students will begin their written
reports and begin actually creating a television commercial to be displayed during class presentations. Field trips will be taken to television stations and business that create television ads.

Anticipatory Set:
This lesson is connected to a four to five-week study in Marketing. At this point, students have already had a basic introduction to Marketing and advertising. Students will continue their studies with an introduction to the factors of production, target markets, the product life cycle, and the four marketing concepts (4-Ps). Putting all of these elements together students will begin to create their product, and focus on brainstorming ideas for that product, based on the four Ps.

Objective(s) and Purpose:
Develop and understand a complex thinking skill (Classification)
Extensive study of the four marketing concepts and factors of production
Identify target markets
Break down and apply marketing concepts
Introduce product life stages focusing on development
Identify all costs involved in production
Identify consumer needs and wants

Class will begin with a look at the previous days' activities and the definition of Marketing.
Class discussion will lead into defining and identifying consumer needs and wants. The instructor will prompt students with questions pertaining to these topics.
Through the use of the chalkboard, students and instructor will review the four Ps of marketing. There will be a brief overview of each.
Students will now be introduced to a thinking skill referred to as Classifying and be given an explanation on how each student group will be using it in the creation of their products.
In groups, students will begin a classification chart based on the 4 Ps and their projected product. Time allotted would be approximately 5 minutes.
Visual examples, handouts, and overheads will be used to give step-by-step instructions to begin a webbing process to be used for product creation. Students will use Inspiration software for this procedure.
Students will break into their groups and begin a brainstorming their ideas based on the four Ps while using the assigned software for organization purposes.
After all ideas have been organized, students will now begin condensing and editing those ideas.
Make a final decision on the type of product they are going to create.

Instructor will present an example product, present an example of a web, and
prepare students for the steps they are to follow and complete. Included in Input.

Check for Understanding:
Students will be observed in group work by the instructor throughout the project, hand in
written material for evaluation both as individual ideas and group thoughts as they
progress through the instructions, and present as a group their final products.

Guided Practice:
As stated previously, students will be presented example models of expectations,
then students will join their groups and create their own material based off of it's
relativity to their product.

Independent Practice:
Students' final written and oral presentation will complete their independent practice
along with questions each individual with answer on their own.

Instructor will briefly review with students the material covered for the day, remind
students of task they are to complete for the next class period, remind students of due
dates, and give a short over view of what will be to come.