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Grade: 3-5
Subject: Science

#1103. Earthquakes

Science, level: Elementary
Posted Fri Jun 25 08:18:32 PDT 1999 by Steve Ostby (
Elk Run School, Elk Run Heights, Iowa, USA
Materials Required: CD-ROM disk "Bill Nye the Science Guy: Stop The Rock" Pacific Interactive, Inc. 1966, Mac 7.1/"Win95
Activity Time: 3 days
Concepts Taught: Know the natural processes that affect the earth

Name of lesson plan - Earthquakes
Content/grade - Science Grade 4
Teacher - Steve Ostby
Date created - 5/24/99

Resources needed: CD-ROM disk "Bill Nye the Science Guy: Stop The Rock", Pacific Interactive, Inc., 1996, Mac 7.1 or Windows 3.1 or 95, classroom display hardware.
Classroom arrangement: Students must be able to see computer monitor or larger display.
Lesson plan duration: 3 days
Special directions: Teacher needs to navigate to the "Fault Finder" section of the software prior to start of class.

1. Anticipatory set -- Teacher reads aloud to class the effects of the 1970 earthquake in Chile from "Fault Finder" section of software.
2. Objectives and purpose - to know the natural processes that affect the earth's surface
3. Input -
a) Modeling - Teacher navigates step-by-step the software, "Bill Nye the Science Guy: Stop The Rock" to the point in the program where the user is standing in front of the "Morphmaster 5000". Teacher causes "Morphmaster" to demonstrate the San Andreas Fault.
b) Check for understanding -- Teacher draws a diagram of the San Andreas Fault using student input.
c) Guided practice - Teacher directs students to draw and label a diagram of the San Andreas Fault.
d) Independent practice -- Students access software and use "Morphmaster 5000" to demonstrate other earthquake events, and draw and label diagrams.
4. Closure- -Students will display and discuss diagrams. Students will compare and classify earthquake events.