Grade: 3-5
Subject: Language

#1104. Me gusta (spanish lesson)

Language, level: Elementary
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Lesson Plan with notes
IUP, Indiana, PA USA
Materials Required: pictures for ensear, mirar la televisin, la camisa
Activity Time: 30 minutes
Concepts Taught: Me gusta formation

I. Objectives:
Following a lecture on how to describe likes and dislikes in Spanish using the formation me gusta(n), elementary students will be able to tell the class things they like or do not like in Spanish with 100% accuracy.

II. Procedures:
A. Motivation/Stimulation: Teacher begins the lesson by going over the lesson subject of the previous class. There are three examples on the board. (Me gusta ensear, Me gusta mirar la televisin, y Me gusta la camisa) The teacher goes over how each of the three statements are different and points out that you can say me gusta la televisin, but it is different in meaning than if you say me gusta mirar la televisin.
B. The teacher passes out white paper and drawing utensils. She gives the class two minutes to "dibujen" a thing or an activity that they like to do. While they are drawing she goes around and asks the students what they are drawing. After the two minutes she collects the drawings and starts the lesson.
C. At this time the teacher starts out by reviewing the phrase me gusta una cosa by saying me gusta and then asking the students to supply the word for one of the daily routine items. This is a good opportunity to check if they still know the words and at the same time work with something that is familiar to them.
D. After that is finished the teacher moves on to me gusta una actividad by saying me gusta and then asking the students to supply the word for one of the activities from the previous class.
E. At this point the teacher asks the students who likes (whatever the drawing is of) for example: who likes to eat? If the students do not respond the teacher will ask if she likes to eat? or if individual students like to eat and so on and so forth until the person who drew the picture of food identifies themselves and says me gusta comer.
F. The teacher then asks for volunteers to tell her what they like. Each volunteer stands in front of the class to tell what they like to do.
G. Extension activity
1. The teacher asks the students to tell her one thing they learned in the lesson that day.