Grade: Middle
Subject: Art

#1105. Portrait Drawing

Art, level: Middle
Posted Fri Jun 25 08:19:25 PDT 1999 by Renita Dolan (
Independence Community School District, Independence, IA USA

Portrait Drawing

Art/ Grade 8
Rick Morkel/Renita Dolan
June 24, 1999
Resources Needed:
Digital Camera
Color-It Software
Teacher Computer
Overhead Projector
LCD Panel
Classroom Arrangement:
Macintosh Lab
Lesson Plan Duration: 4 days
Special Directions:
Instructions using the digital camera
Instructions using tbe paint tools

Gain Attention:
Picture of 1/2 of a face will be on the hard drive. I will demonstrate how to use the paint & draw tools to create the other half of the face. The overhead projector and LCD panel will allow me to demonstrate this.

Inform Learners of Objectives:
1. Uses a varity of input devices to import images into a paint program
2. Uses art media, techniques, and processes to enhance communication of expression and ideas

Stimulate Recall of Prior Learning:
1. Webbing diagram of classes in which the tools have been used
2. Webbing will include a recall of the tools and the purpose of each tool

Provide Learner Guidance:
1. Provide step-by-step handouts
2. Demonstrate how to capture images using the digital camera
(Students will use the cameras to take portrait pictures of classmates in the room...Will have multiple cameras obtained from AEA7)
3. After the students have captured their images, demonstrate how to download the images onto the computer hard drives and capture the images using the camera software
4. Demonstrate how to crop the face in half and copy and
paste it into Color-It
5. Review the names of each tool and how it is used
6. Demonstrate on an image how to use the tools to reconstruct the other half of the portrait.

Elict Performance:
Students will transform their images into a full face using the paint & draw tools.

Provide Feedback:
1. I will help students individually as they need it
2. I will go back to the teacher computer periodically to reteach