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Grade: Senior
Subject: Art


Art, level: Senior
Posted Fri Jun 25 08:19:56 PDT 1999 by STEVE BROWN (SBrown@pitnet).
Jesup High School, Jesup, Iowa
Materials Required: "Movieworks" software scanner,still cameras,drawing pad
Activity Time: 4-5 weeks
Concepts Taught: PRESENTATION

Multi-media "Self"-Presentation
Lesson Plan

Madeline Hunter Lesson Design Steve Brown
Visual Art/High School June 25, 1999

Resources Needed:
* "Movie Works" software (produced by Interactive Solutions, Inc.)
* Optional--scanner, VCR, digital camera, still camera, and drawing pad

Classroom Arrangement:
One computer work station

Lesson Plan Duration:
The unit would require four-five weeks to complete. Students will be creating a three-five minute presentation which visually illustrates major aspects of the student's life. Using Movie Works software as a base, students will integrate video, photography, artwork, graphic elements, and sound to produce the product.

The following lesson plan is an outline of the steps necessary for students to complete this project.

Anticipatory Set:
Several pre-assignment exercises would be conducted to check for student understanding of the software being used and ideas to be integrated in the presentation.

Objective(s) and Purpose:
* Applies media, techniques, and processes with sufficient skill, confidence, and sensitivity so that one's intentions are carried out in art works.

* Understands how the communication of ideas relates to the media, techniques, and processes used.

* Initiates, defines, and solves challenging visual art problems independently, using intellectual skills, such as analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.

* Identifies the intentions of creating art work.

The following would be necessary to complete this project:
* Introduction and experience with the software (Movie Works).

* Knowledge and experience with digital and still cameras.

* Experience using the scanner to import art work and other print images.

* A background with graphic design experience.

* Knowledge and experience with "Inspiration" software to formulate and outline ideas and media.

* A completed storyboard which demonstrates the components of the project.

An example of a completed project would be presented to the students. (Several also appear on the CD.)

Check for Understanding:
Students would be responsible for the following:
-- Creating a three-five min. sequence which incorporates multi-media.
-- Producing a storyboard.

Guided Practice:
Examples of completed projects would be available for students to review as needed.

Independent Practice:
Finished projects would be shared with the class.

Students would be responsible for completing specific tasks throughout the unit.