Grade: 3-5
Subject: Mathematics

#1111. Fraction Pizza

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Fri Jun 25 08:26:50 PDT 1999 by Michael Schaffner (
Durant Elementary, Sumner, IA USA
Materials Required: Power Mac, LCD projector, Fraction Pizza software worksheets
Activity Time: 45-50 minutes
Concepts Taught: Understand the relationship of fractions to whole numbers

Fraction Pizza

Fourth Grade Math

By: Michael Schaffner

June 24, 1999

Resources Needed: Power Mac, LCD projector, Fraction Pizza software by Panasonic, worksheets

Classroom Arrangement: Partners after initial instruction

Lesson Plan Duration: one class period (45 minutes)

• Gain attention-
"Today we will be working on a math lesson that deals with Pizza."

• Inform learner of objectives-
"In our lesson for today we will be reviewing and learning more about fractions."

• Stimulate recall of prior learning-
Review equivalent fractions by example on the board
Review parts of a whole on the board

• Present stimulus material-
Introduce Fraction Pizza software using computer and LCD projector

• Provide learner Guidance-
Teacher demonstrates and works through Mozart and Tic Frac Toe portion of software

• Elicit performance-
Divide students into partners for working together on the computer

• Provide feedback-
Teacher monitors partners at the computer to provide encouragement and assistance
as required

• Assess Performance-
Check student scores on computer activity

• Enhance retention and transfer-
Students will complete accompanying worksheets from the text
"How do you use fractions in your life? For tomorrow please come with an example
of how fractions are used in your home."