Grade: Middle
Subject: Language

#1112. Oral Presentation for Chosen Career

Language, level: Middle
Posted Fri Jun 25 08:28:41 PDT 1999 by Sharon Gatewood (
Central Middle School, Waterloo, Iowa
Concepts Taught: Technology in career communication

Oral Presentation of Chosen Career

Language Arts / 8th Grade
posted by Sharon Gatewood (
June 1999
Resources needed:
student note cards with career information from research
incomplete sample career web
computers with Inspiration software
projection device and printer
one copy of "Inspiration Directions" for each student
Classroom Arrangement:
computer lab preferable
line of sight to the projection screen
Lesson Plan Duration:
one class period of 50 minutes
Special Directions:
students will have researched career information and written out note cards
students will have been introduced to software: Inspiration

1. Anticipatory Set
Students will be "teased" with not having to worry about the outline requirement of the unit project
2. Objectives and Purpose
Research and deliver an oral presentation
Be able to use menu-driven software
Be able to use technology to present ideas and information
3. Input
a.) Modeling
Students will be at their computers. With the projection device on, load the sample career web with the career appearing in the middle of the screen. Reduce screen to 25% to show the whole page. Add one or two facts to each of the five major topics. "Wow"them with how easy it is to create an outline from their web by selecting "View---Outline" in the menu bar at the top.
To continue the visual aspect, select "Arrangement" in the menu bar and select "Top Down Tree" with "No Stack" for top-down linear view of the graphics.
b.) Check for understanding
Questions to ask as students view the product and as preparation for them beginning their own work:
What is your career?
What are the five main topics the assignment requires?
What kinds of information need to go under each?
e.g. What facts need to go under the "Self" topic?
c.) Guided practice
Set a student at the teaching computer and get her/him started with the program and webbing process
d.) Independent Practice
Students will use their computers to create their webs while I monitor their work.
4. Closure
Students will print all three forms of their classifying/career project.
They can use their outline to practice their oral presentation