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#1116. Mystery Word

Games, level: all
Posted Sat Jun 26 12:43:42 PDT 1999 by Anne Lewis (
El Nido Elementary, El Nido, Ca
Materials Required: Some type of chalk or white board to write on
Activity Time: 10 minutes or so--how ever long desired
Concepts Taught: Vocabulary builder and word association

1. Pick one student to come and sit in a chair facing the
2. Put a word (appropriate level) on board. Tell students
not to say word outloud.
3. Explain to class the person in chair will call on them
to give him/her a ONE-WORD clue in order to guess the
(for example: Mystery word is SUN: yellow, sky, hot, etc.)
Mystery Word. Student who gives the last clue that helps the person guess the Mystery Word is "it."

I used this as a great filler in my Substituting days, but
it is also a good vocab builder and thinking game for ESL learners.

The students beg me to play this game!