Grade: 3-5
Subject: 4 Blocks

#1136. more comprehension activities

4 Blocks, level: Elementary
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coloma elementary, south haven, MI USA
Concepts Taught: comprehension, reading

2. Post Cards: Write a postcard to a character in a book from another character
(of the same book, or a different book) include an address. Show understanding the
book. This is completed whole group many, many, many times in second grade before
independence is reached. At the end of the year, the kids can do this
independently. Mayra added : There are two books that go along with this: Dear
Peter Rabbit (isbn: 0- 689-31915-0) and Yours Truly, Goldilocks. Both are written
by Alma Flor and illustrated by Leslie Tryon.

3. Friendly Letters: The Class is Pen Pals with Junie B. Jones, the main character
a series of books by Barbara Parks. Cost is $3.95. CHEAP and fun! They get
posters, bookmarks, and 9 monthly letters.

4. Acrostic Poems: Write a character name from a book. Then find examples from
the book to fill in each letter of the name. Students have to go back through
searching and rereading to find answers. Modeled several times, completed with
teacher help, done with a partner, and finally independently. This is a rewarding
way for kids to show comprehension of a story. For example,

Never bored when Nate is around
A good detective
The boy who is helping his friends solve mysteries
Enemy of the bad guy

5. Learning Adventure
1. List three facts
2. Write three "I wonder" questions
3. Research your topic
4. Write down interesting facts about your topic
5. Complete a CUPS with teacher
6. Put lined paper under the overhead sheet and copy facts in your best printing
7. Complete your art project
8. Share your Learning Adventure with pride!