Grade: Middle

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#114. Creating a Colony

Social Studies, level: Middle
Posted by Nancy K. Graham (
Tyler Street Christian Academy, Dallas, Texas
Materials Required: posterboard, basic Colony concepts, classroom space
Activity Time: 1 to 2 weeks
Concepts Taught: 13 original colonies, writing, brainstorming

For this activity, begin after you have introduced the basic ideas of the Thriteen Original Colonies. After you have discussed several new colonies, assign the students this project to be done in correlation with the Unit. ASsign students to groups of 3 or 4. Present a criteria sheet containing the following assignments: Colony charter, rules, flag, manufactured product, a map showing their journey, and a diary of the trip. have members assign parts to be done within the group. Assist the class each day with one of the assigned parts. Have students prepare for turning a section of the room into a colony. When the work is finished, allow students a day in class to set up their own colonies.The students will learn group cooperation as well as experiencing how it felt to be a colonist. If room permits, allow students to keep displays up and allow them to work in them for a while. It's amazing how they like having their own place to study!!!