Grade: Middle
Subject: Mathematics

#1146. Hot Dog Stand: The Works (CD)

Mathematics, level: Middle
Posted Fri Jul 2 07:42:23 PDT 1999 by Denise Aalderks and Dennis Rokusek ( ).
Southdale Elementary, Cedar Falls, IA, USA
Materials Required: Hot Dog Stand: The Works software, LCD projector, Computer with CD ROM
Activity Time: 3-5 X 30 minutes
Concepts Taught: Problem Solving

Hot dog Stand: The Works
Math: Problem Solving / 4-5 grade
Denise Aalderks and Dennis Rokusek
June 30, 1999

Resources Needed: Software - Hot Dog Stand: The Works, LCD Projector, computer (7.0 or higher, with 8 MB of RAM)

Classroom Arrangement: One computer will be use to project software on large screen. Students will be in groups of 3-4 with full view of screen.

Lesson Plan Duration: Activity will take approximately three 30 minute sessions

Special Directions: This program has options activities on: Interview, research, careers, and a variety of math. If selected this would be in addition to the time frame above.

Students will have an understanding of the selected vocabulary.
Students will estimate sums and differences of money.
Students will add and subtract 4-digits with renaming.
Students will multiply up to two 3-digit numbers.
Students will divide five digits with 3-digit quotients.
Students will know and use problem solving steps (understand, plan, try it, look back).

Purpose of Activity: To strengthen mathematics, problem solving, and communication skills. Distinguish and use a variety of strategies with emphasis on multi-step non-routine problems.

Start the session by sharing some of the hot dog jokes found in the library section of the software.
Arrange students in groups of 3 to 4.
Review and assign roles in cooperative groups. (Recorder, reporter, task master/time keeper)
Share game overview with class.
Introduce vocabulary: wholesale, supplier, inventory, case, dozen, arena, and profit.
Take a tour of the office and hot dog stand exploring all the options available at each location. (software)

Review vocabulary.
Assign the goal. (software)
Prepare for the first two events following steps given on the screen. (software)
Evaluate and discuss results from decisions made today. (software)

Review goal.
Check journal and inventory on the first screen. (software)
Complete activities for final two events following steps given on the screen. (software)
Evaluate and discuss results from decisions made today. (software)
In cooperative groups have the recorder write the answers to the following discussion questions:

Did the weather impact the sales of any event? If so, which ones?
In which event did we sell the most hot and turkey dogs? Why?
Did the time of the events impact sales? If so, why?
How do you think your profits could have been increased?

DAY 4-6
Teacher may elect any of the classroom activities at the back of the manual.

At the end of day three each cooperative group should share their journal entries with large group. Also discuss things learned from the simulation, frustrations, and highlights.