Grade: 1-2

#1148. Get Ready for School, Charlie Brown!

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Fri Jul 2 07:53:38 PDT 1999 by Sonya Kremer (
Southdale Elementary School, Cedar Falls, IA, United States
Materials Required: Get Ready for School, Charlie Brown! software from Virgin Sound and Vision
Activity Time: 2-4 days
Concepts Taught: Problem Solving (reading skills)

Lesson: Get Ready for School, Charlie Brown! - "Rhyme Time with Lucy"
Grade: 1st grade
Teacher: Sonya Kremer, Southdale
Date: June 28 - July 2, 1999

needed: program Get Ready for School, Charlie Brown! learning log, white drawing paper, pencil,
coloring tools

arrangement: Get Ready for School, Charlie Brown!, copy for each available computer(with headphone), with site license agreement if necessary.

Lesson plan
duration: 2-4 days

Demonstrate how to complete the activity "Rhyme Time with Lucy", use the LCD Projector for large screen previewing.
Each student will need to complete the activity "Rhyme Time with Lucy".
Class instruction on creating rhyme/poem.

Lesson Plan Outline

Anticipatory Set:
Ask students what they learned from "Rhyme Time with Lucy"?
Generate list of words/word families learned on chalkboard.

Today we're going to create our own rhymes/poems.

Ask students what do rhyming words have in common? (stress ending of words).
Ask students which word/word family we should use for a class rhyme/poem?
Who can complete this sentence using this word/word family?
Lucy had a _____ it liked to play with a ______.
I can play with a ____ and then go to the _____.
*Teacher will need to create sentence based on students responses.
Students will write their rhymes on practice paper then after spelling is checked by teacher students will copy rhyme/poem on white paper (hot dog style) and illustrate rhyme/poem. Completed work goes in "Completed Work Basket" with name.

Use the word - day.
Write this rhyme on the board :
It is such a beautiful day it must be May.
Emphasize that the words, day and May rhyme.
Ask if any student would like to try another word from the generated list.
Continue with examples if students need reinforcement.

Check for Understanding:
Who can tell us the directions?
What paper should you use?
Where should your finished work go?

Guided Practice:
In your learning log, write a rhyme/poem using the word "play".

Independent Practice:
Students work on task.

Have students share work if desired. Put completed pages in book titled, Rhyme Time.