Grade: Senior
Subject: Art

#1149. Multi-Media Impressionism

Art, level: Senior
Posted Fri Jul 2 07:57:23 PDT 1999 by Jolene Pizenberger-Timp (
West Delaware, H.S., Manchester, Iowa
Materials Required: Resources on Impressionism, Chalk Pastels, Art Dabbler program
Activity Time: 2 weeks
Concepts Taught: basic color theory, and application

Lesson Plan Outline by; Jolene K. Pitzenberger-Timp

Computer graphics/ 9-12 grade, Art
Jolene Pitzenberger-Timp
July 1, 1999

Resources Needed: Macintosh computer, Art Dabbler software
Classroom Arrangement: computer lab or a one computer classroom
Lesson Duration: Approximately 2 weeks- block classes (90 min.)
Special Directions: Student have prior knowledge of the software

GOAL: Students will apply basic color theory and elements of design through a variety of different medium.

Students will...

+Review the different effects available from pastel chalk.

+Review atmospheric color vs. local color in a one day exercise using colored lights on white volleyballs and affectively demonstrate learned chalk techniques.

+Review artists and their different styles from the Impressionist movement: Monet, Renoir, Seurat, Degas. (Focus will be on Monet and his paintings of light).

+Lecture/discuss Monet his technique, subject matter, and life history.

+Large group critique Monet's art work through prints, slides, video, and text.

+Create a pastel chalk drawing using pastel paper, Nu-Pastels, and charcoal. Drawings can be no smaller than 16x20". Subject matter must be something that they see in their community or have seen, may also be a self designed composition of their inner feelings. Compositions must incorporate atmospheric colors of light and various chalk techniques.

+Be informed following the creation of their work in chalk, they will be recreating or redesigning an Impressionistic idea using the computer as their medium.

+Brain storm by writing them down or sketching out ideas they may have of incorporating different light affects into a subject matter or theme that deals with things they see in their community or have self designed, minimum of three ideas. All resources from the art room and media center will be available.

+Teacher will pick six small groups, by numbering students 1-6. Students will spend about 10 min. sharing ideas and narrowing their ideas down to one.

+Work on composition for approximately 4 class periods. They will incorporate atmospheric colors into their designs.

+Upon completion fill out a self evaluation form.

+As they finish completion of their work, get into small groups of 2-3 and critique their work as well as identify different ways of incorporating their ideas of subject as well as pastel quality techniques on the computer screen.

+As the class finishes their pastel composition and small group critique, move to the computer lab. They will transform their Impressionistic ideas by means another medium, (computer) using Art Dabbler soft ware.

+Ask questions from the teacher as well as from peers on how to achieve an affect, what tools work best, and evaluating the layout of their composition.

+Continue to work in the lab for approximately 5 class periods.

+Upon completion fill out a self evaluation form.

+Display both their pastel chalk and computer generated designs for large group critique. Groups will consist of 10-12 . Students may use notes to help answer questions or they may explain their own work to the group.

**All art work will be labeled and displayed through-out areas in the high school building also, at the annual end of the year Expo.