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#1152. Cancer:Becoming Informed

other, level: Senior
Posted Fri Jul 2 08:16:02 PDT 1999 by Bonnie Holm (
Aplington-Parkersburg High School, Parkersburg,Iowa USA
Materials Required: Computer, LCD panel or projector
Activity Time: 45 min
Concepts Taught: Understand vocabulary and information about cancer.

Cancer: Becoming Informed
Health Department/Senior Level
Bonnie Holm
June 30, 1999

Resources Needed:
Hardware: Computer, LCD panel or LCD projector
Software: A.D.A.M Software: Life's Greatest Mysteries-(Section Sickness)-Cancer (Part 1)

Classroom Arrangement:
Desks arranged in groupings of four with the teacher at the computer and the information projected onto the large screen.

Lesson Plan Duration:
This lesson is an introductory to a new unit, therefore one class time (40 min.) will be sufficient.

Special Directions:
The students will have a major project to complete during this unit. Details about the project is available on another web site. (

1. Anticipatory Set

Students will be starting a new unit to learn about cancer. I will ask them to think of questions about cancer that they wonder about or terms that they have heard and do not know the meaning and write them on a sheet of paper. Students will share their writings first within the small group and then with the entire class.

2. Objectives and Purpose

At the end of this unit the students will know how to apply concepts about the prevention, control and characteristics of the disease cancer.
At the end of the class time students will better understand the vocabulary associated with the disease of cancer.

3. Input

Put class into groups of four students.
The students will be asked to do the following: On the "Think Ink, Pair Share" sheet write three questions that come to mind when I say the word "Cancer". Give them a couple of minutes to do that. When finished have them share their list of questions with a partner from their group. After they are done sharing have each pair share their questions with the entire class.

The instructor will then show them the first part of the software : "Life's Greatest Mysteries-Section on Sickness-Cancer" Part 1-What is Cancer?
The students are asked to take notes on vocabulary words used during the software presentation. (The software allows you to stop it at any time, so the students will have a chance to write information down.)

4. Modeling

By using the computer and the LCD panel it will model one choice that the students can use for their major project that will be assigned later.

5. Check For Understanding

Terms that the student will need to know from this section are: Tumor, Benign Tumor, Malignant, Metastasis, Carcinoma, Sarcoma, Leukemias & Lymphomas.
After the presentation each group will be assigned two of the terms. Without looking at any notes each group will write a definition of the terms assigned and then share them with the entire class.
At the bottom of their Think Ink, Pair Share sheet they will write if any of their questions were answered in the first section of the software.
Hand in Think Ink, Pair Share sheet and notes taken during the software presentation.

6. Closure

This introduction helped you become more familiar with vocabulary terms associated with cancer. As we continue through the unit you will be learning more about specific types of cancers.

For more information about this entire unit see my Web site at: