Grade: 1-2

#1157. Meet Your Teacher

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Fri Jul 9 06:40:26 PDT 1999 by Janna Williams (
Northwest Primary, Hereford, Texas
Activity Time: First Week of School

At the beginning of the year I like to start a Me unit and I begin that unit with Me the teacher.
I devote one bulletin board to the project. The bulletin board is titled Meet Mrs. Williams. I put pictures of my family, friends, myself etc. I also put three- dimensional objects up that protray my personality (signs, book jackets etc.)
I also list my favorite beanie baby and bing that beanie to school with me the first week. I use the bulletin board to launch students of the week in the future. This gives the children ideas of things to bring to school to share when they are chosen as the student of the week.
I also have made a Mrs. Williams Big Book that we share during the first week of school. This book has pictures of me as a little girl, along with other illustrations, lists my favorite things, and the last page is a surprise, only revealed to the student that takes the book home....The top of the page says.....Here are some of my favorite people......( a picture of our class taken the first day of school) I am so glad (picture of the child taking the book home) is in my class.
I read my favorite book to the class "Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse" during this first week also. The children and their parents seem to really enjoy "Meeting Mrs. Williams".