Grade: 3-5
Subject: 4 Blocks

#1158. Happy Birthday Moon by Frank Asch

4 Blocks, level: all
Posted Mon Jul 5 12:00:25 PDT 1999 by deb (
coloma elementary, south haven MI USA
Concepts Taught: reading, 4 blocks, guided reading

Happy Birthday, Moon written by Frank Asch
(I used this on an easy reading day in second grade. deb)

Day 1 guided reading:
I read the kids the whole book. I use echo reading. I make sure they get the story. We talk about pretend and make believe and that the moon can't really answer...etc. I have the kids read in partners and enjoy the book on day one.

Day 2 guided reading:
Then I read the first five pages of print.

Teacher reads the following text:
Now I am much closer to the moon, thought Bear, and again he shouted: "Hello!"
This time his own voice echoed off one of the other mountains: "Hello!"

At this point I tell the kids they can help me read the story. They can be the moon. I'll be the bear. I told them I would point to them and would repeat after me. I only read the part being echoed... for example, I don't say the "asked Bear" part. I have prepared sentence strips of the echoes. I have the kids read it after me. I put the strip up and read it then point to them and they read it.

Tell me when is your birthday?
Well it just so happens that my birthday is tomorrow!
What do you want for your birthday?
I would like a hat.

Read the book from the staple in the middle to the second to last page. Then have the kids help you read again.

I lost the beautiful hat you gave me.
That's okay, I still love you!
Happy Birthday!

Then as the kids read with a partner today I encourage them to take turns being the bear and the moon.