Grade: Pre-School
Subject: other

#1168. Math and literature

other, level: Pre-School
Posted Wed Jul 14 15:02:37 PDT 1999 by Rebecca (RJCED).
Kindergarten teacher Webster School, Bridgeport, CT
Materials Required: Book The Button Box by Margarette Reid, buttons
Activity Time: 20 mins
Concepts Taught: Estimating, Counting, Comparing, Writing, Sorting

These activities are to be done after reading The Button Box by: Mararette Reid.

Activity One: Read and discuss the story. Discuss any connection you might have to buttons or a button collection. Compare your own buttons with any from the story.

Activity Two: Estimate how many buttons you think there are in the bag, then count them. Can you group them in a way that's easy to count? How close was your estimate?

Activity Three: Select your favorite button from the ones provided. Write a story about where it came from or what it came off.

Activity Four: Choose any two buttons. Tell how they are the same. Tell someone how they are different.

Activity Five: Empty the bag of buttons on the table. Sort all the buttons by two attributes. for example large and small buttons. buttons with two holes buttons with four. This is a good time to introduce a Venn Diagram to compare alike and different.