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#1176. Spelling Words Scramble Race

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Materials Required: in lesson plan below
Activity Time: 30 mins.
Concepts Taught: Spelling

Spelling Words Scramble Race

Grade Level: I think this could be fun for all grade levels

This is a fun game to do with one's spelling words for the week. This activitiy is fun and
helps one's students have fun learning their spelling words for the week. Games make
learning fun and does help students learn and retain the information. This game can also
be altered to fit any grade level. Great game for specially challenged students.

Materials Needed:
(1) Spelling list for the week
(2) Laminated construction paper
(3) markers (permanent)
(4) the ledge of one's dry erase board or chalkboard
(5) scissors
(6) Award ribbons: (first place and participation) Made with laminated construction

(1) Laminate different colors of constuction paper.
(2) On each sheet of constrution paper write one letter of a spelling word. For example,
dog; the letter d would go on one peice of construction paper and so on .
(3) Make 2 sets of the spelling words. For the race to see who spells the word the fastest
without making a mistake.
(4) The teacher divides the classroom into 2 groups.
(5) The teacher puts up a set of the spelling word (scrambled) for group one and does
the same for group 2.
(6) When the teacher says, "Ready, set, Go" , the student at the front of the line goes
to the board and puts the letters in the order he/she thinks is correct.
(7) After both groups finish, the teacher looks at the words and ask the class if they
think the words are spelled correctly.
(8) If the one that finished spelling the word first was correct that point goes to that
(9) The group with the most points wins first place award ribbon. Each student in that
group receives one.
(10) Not to leave the other group out they will also receive a participation ribbon.
(11) The most important thing about this game is to have FUN!