Grade: Middle
Subject: Science

#1183. Element Idenification While Watching Fireworks

Science, level: Middle
Posted Sun Jul 18 20:07:16 PDT 1999 by Mark Sylvestre (
Materials Required: A video of a fireworks display
Activity Time: 1 period (45-minutes)
Concepts Taught: To Identify the elements used in the construction of fireworks

Before you start this lesson you will need to video tape a fireworks display and make sure students have learned about the flame tests of different elements. When each element is put into a flame it burns its own distinct color. Divide students up into groups of 3 and have reference materials on the elements available for the groups. Have the students watch the fireworks display and pause after each firework. Have the students identify which element was used in the creation of that firework. Continue this for each firework. Your students will begin to look at fireworks in a whole new light.