Grade: Pre-School
Subject: other

#1190. Alphabet graphing

, level: Pre-School
Posted Thu Jul 22 18:43:56 PDT 1999 by Andretta Albright (
Ella Grant, Mobile, USA
Materials Required: Pictures for the graph/pictures of the students
Concepts Taught: Beginning Sounds/Graphing

We do a letter a week in Kindergarten. Have the students do a different graph each week starting with that letter. For example, C What is your favorite cookie? or E How do you like your eggs? The possiblities are endless. When your students do the graph have them put their polaroid picture beside their choice(using pocket charts). After the graph is completed you can tally up the results. You can even record the graph on poster board(using pre-cut materials or have the children draw it themselves. Either way you have a language lesson and math lesson together.