Grade: 1-2
Subject: Mathematics

#1194. Shapes

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Tue Jul 27 05:00:42 PDT 1999 by Sandy/K/MO ().
Materials Required: felt, shape pieces, empty pudding cups
Activity Time: on going
Concepts Taught: shape recognition

Here is an excuse to eat all those choc. pudding cups. :-) When empty and
washed put in the bottom of an old sock. Make a shape spinner (cut out a
square out of an old file folder and a circle that will fit inside. Divide
the circle for how many shapes you want and draw the shape in that area.
Take a small 2 in. sq, fold over and place between the large sq. and circle
in the middle. Using a large paper clip unfold half, stick up through all
parts in the middle and then fold over. Should make a nice CHEAP spinner)

Laminate small shapes and cut them out, put them in the cup. I have enough
made for groups of two, one spins & names the shape. The other searchs "BY
FEEL" for the right shape.

Using the spinner and a flannel board with cut outs in the shapes.. Have
them make a picture using the shapes that came up on a spinner. It is neat
to have them realize that shapes make up everything.

Make a shape "twister" type game on a sheet.

Just a couple of games off the top of my head.