Grade: Pre-School

#1199. Me Cube - All About Me (Family Project)

Social Studies, level: Pre-School
Posted Tue Jul 27 08:34:31 PDT 1999 by Kathleen Carpenter (
Plainfield Memorial School, Plainfield CT
Materials Required: cube-shaped box (aprox. mug size) for each child
Activity Time: one week
Concepts Taught: Concept of self

For early childhood and primary level students if done with parents. Could be modified and done independently by older students.

Send home with each child a cube-shaped cardboard box, approximately the size used for mugs. Include directions for completion of this with help from parents.
Each child will construct a cube that displays specific information about him/her on each of the 6 sides of the cube.

Instructions for parents:

Dear _______ and Family,

Please help your child complete a "Me Cube" using the directions that follow and the cardboard box provided.

Wrap the box in plain or decorated paper then cut out and complete the squares I have pre-drawn and printed out on attached sheets. When each is complete, glue it onto one side of the wrapped box and bring it back to school.

1. This is me. (current photo of child - label with name)
2. This is me when I was a baby (photo if possible, or drawing if no photo available)
3. My family (photo or drawing if no photo available)
4. I am ____ years old; My eyes are:____; I am ____ inches tall; I weigh ___ pounds.
5. My favorites: Color________, food________, book_________
6. This is my____________(free choice of topic for this side)