Grade: Pre-School
Subject: Games

#1200. Doggy, Doggy, Who Has Your Bone? and themed variations

Games, level: Pre-School
Posted Tue Jul 27 09:07:03 PDT 1999 by Kathleen Carpenter (
Plainfield Memorial School, Plainfield CT
Activity Time: 5 minutes or more

Doggy, Doggy, Who Has Your Bone? is a good activity to use as a whole group time-filler or during a seasonal celebration. The original version begins with one student ("Doggy") sitting on a chair with his/her back to the remainder of the group of students who are seated on the floor. A "bone" (can be made from cardboard, labeled with the word "bone") is placed on the floor directly behind the chair. To begin the game, the teacher silently selects one of the children from the group on the floor to go up and take the "bone" then sit on it to conceal it from the Doggy. Once the bone is out of sight, the group chants, Doggy, Doggy, who has your bone? Doggy then turns to face the group and guesses who has the bone until it is found. The person who was in possession of the bone is now the Doggy.


***Incorporate language and literacy activities:
*Children can spell out the word "bone" in the chant ("Doggy, Doggy, who has your b-o-n-e?)
*Doggy can wear a name tag ("Doggy") that is passed on to each new Doggy
*Make this a name-learning activity for beginning of the year by setting a rule that Doggy must use the children's names when s/he addresses them to ask, "______ do you have my bone?"

***Seasonal and theme-related innovations:
*witch - broom
*bear - honey or fish or berries
*rabbit/bunny - carrot
*leprechaun - gold (coin)
*caterpillar - leaf
*story-related characters and prop from story. For example, after reading Harry the Dirty Dog use a scrub brush and the chant, Harry, Harry, who has your brush?

Encourage the children to come up with innovations. They can also make the props and name tags.