Grade: 3-5
Subject: Language

#1202. Apples Galore!

Language, level: Elementary
Posted Tue Jul 27 12:15:14 PDT 1999 by Annie (
All About Apples
Teacher Grade 5, Mississippi
Materials Required: One each of several kinds of apples (Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Red Rome,etc.)
Activity Time: 1 - 1 1/2 hours
Concepts Taught: Adjectives, Graphing

Gather 7 or 8 different kinds of apples (Red Delicous, Granny Smith, Red Rome, Golden Delicious, etc.) and display them with labels of their names on a shelf or table in the classroom for a while to generate interest (most children think that there's only one kind of!). One apple at at time, ask the students to describe what it looks like (red/yellow? spotted/not? big/little?). You may record student's responses on a giant apple cutout on a classroom wall. Then cut each apple into small bite-size pieces allow each student to taste it, then describe the flavor and texture (sweet/sour? soft/hard? juicy/not?). Record the responses.
--Take a vote to see which apple was the students' favorites...tally the results and make a pictograph or a bar graph showing the results.
--Direct the students to write a paragraph about what they learned during this activity, or about the kind of apple they liked the best, using the adjectives generated during the class test-taste.
--Choose two apples and place them in a Venn diagram and decide how they are alike and different (maybe the 2 apples are both sour, but one is red and one is yellow)