Grade: Senior
Subject: Literature

#1203. Regency Webquest

Literature, level: Senior
Posted Sun Jun 26 16:28:25 PDT 2011 by Anita Swigart (Anita Swigart).
The Regency and Jane Austen's Novels
Jonathan Alder High School, Plain City, Ohio
Materials Required: A computer with the internet
Activity Time: One week
Concepts Taught: Learning about the Regency Period in preparation for reading Austen novels

Students look at the webquest at:

1. Watch the powerpoint.

2. Choose a category to research.

3. After narrowing their topic

4. Sign up for it.

At the end of the week each student will give a short presentation that gives students information that they feel is interesting and that contrasts with today's world.

This helps prepare students for reading Austen's novels and also allows students to research an area in which they have an interest.