Grade: Middle

#1207. Newspaper Poems

Reading/Writing, level: Middle
Posted Wed Jul 28 05:58:23 PDT 1999 by Patricia Carter (
Pennfield Middle School - North Penn School District, Hatfield, Pa., U.S.A
Materials Required: newspapers, paper, scissors, glue, note cards
Activity Time: 2 class periods
Concepts Taught: word choice, grammar, imagrey, shaping

Title: Newspaper Poem

Subject/Grade Level: English 9

Objectives: Students will be able to appreciate the value of words, review the parts of speech, create original poetry, shape the poem, and write an explaination of the images he/she has created.

Procedure: Ask students what the most important element in poetry is (strong words)
- Have students browse through all sections of a newspaper. Have them cut out approx. 50 words from headlines (no "little" words like articles, prepositions, conjunctions, etc. Just nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs)The different print styles will look interesting.
- Make sure students evaluate the strength, sound of words.
- Have students form an image poem using the words they have found by pasting the words on colorful paper. It will look like a ransom note. Have them shape the poem; they should be as creative as possible. They may "panic" and try to search out specific words with a planned image of a poem in mind. Do not allow this. Having such a large collection of words will be enough for them to "find" a poem.
- Have a poetry share the following day. Each student reads his/her poem and explains the imagery and word choice (I make my students write out an explaination on a note card and attach it to the back of the poem)

Evaluation: Ask the students to journal their reactions to the process of writing the Headline Poem. Do they evaluate words differently now? Is this valid poetry? Explain.